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Boost your health naturally with essential hydrating salts from Ancient Lakes Magnesium. 


The specially formulated salts are packed with essential minerals that support electrolytes lost through sweat. It provides electrolytes that help regulate hydration, support proper nerve & muscle function, and promote a healthy pH balance in the body.  


We are a proud stockist of Ancient Lakes products, a company that is 100% Australian owned and with magnesium and salt that are sourced from Lake Deborah in Western Australia  


Lake Deborah is a natural, ancient salt lake. The minerals at Lake Deborah were deposited over millions of years and are free from modern pollutants, such as the micro plastics found in sea water which have been shown to make their way into salt made from modern sea water 


So, whether you’re looking to improve your energy levels, support your immune system, or enhance your overall wellness, don’t forget about the incredible benefits of essential electrolyte salts!

Incorporate them into your daily routine and feel the difference.  



ancient lake salt, potassium chloride, natural liquid magnesium solution.

Servings per package:
141 Serving size: ½ tsp (3g)


Essential Electrolytes

  • Allow 1 - 5 business days for all orders Australia wide.


    Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for all international orders.


    Or pickup your order at reception during our open hours.

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