Our memberships are designed for you to regularly commit to:

- Up to 90 minutes in a total sensory isolated environment

- Train your brain for optimal performance with Neurofeedback 

- Detox and strengthen the immune system in our infrared sauna


So that you consistently practice rest, recovery & reflection.

Essential components for a balanced, healthy & successful life.

$55.00 per week.

Improve sleep, reduce anxiety & increase recovery with a weekly practise of Floating and/or Neurofeedback. 

One Float or Neurofeedback session per week ✔️


Member Prices on any extra services: Floating ($60), Neurofeedback ($60) & Infrared Sauna ($30) ✔️

Unused Sessions Rollover in to the next month ✔️


No Lock in Contract ✔️


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$33.00 per month.

For you to be in control of your wellness.

1x Complimentary Single Infrared Sauna session per month ✔️


Member Prices on Floating ($60),

Neurofeedback ($60)
& Infrared Sauna ($30) ✔️


No Lock in Contract ✔️

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Corporate Memberships are a great way to reduce work related stress for employees, increase productivity and leave them feeling refreshed and energized. It is also an excellent way to reward staff.

  • Your business will receive xx amounts of gift cards.

  • Access to our chill out area for corporate events.

  • VIP prices on other services and events.

Email us at info@asfloat.com.au to enquire or ask about custom Corporate Membership Package. 

or join straight up to a 100X gift card per annum subscription.