We are a family run business who have been residents of our community for over 30 years. With breathtaking results from regular use of the float tank at our family home. It was a no brainer to pursue our desire to open and start our Altered States Float brand. We wanted our findings available for everyone in our community, and to provide a premium service that is affordable & easy to use. 

The float fueled accolades of the 2 brothers steering the Altered States Float ship:

Dan: a Warrior - sports coach and pro athlete holding multiple world titles, and a Bachelor in Criminology.

Haydo: a Creative - videographer and UAV pilot with a background in Health, Safety and Emergency Response. 

Click here for podcasts the bros have featured and plugged the biz in. 

The Altered States Float Fam: 

Gary, Tippy, Carla, Derek, Kat, Pat.

The Altered States Float Community:

Featured below, you may bump into some of the awesome Altered States Float community members while enjoying your complimentary beverage in our outdoor oasis. (click show more if viewing on mobile!)