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1x 425g glass jar of honey & 1x 85g bean to bar chocolate



This honey is from Bindoon,  a small town located in the Shire of Chittering, Western Australia. Located approximately 84 kilometers northeast of Perth.


It is well-known for its stunning Marri tree scenery, including rare and beautiful native flora that makes it an ideal location for beekeeping. 


The area's heritage-listed property is within a national park, providing a natural habitat for bees to thrive being free from the harmful pesticides and other chemicals. The bees in Bindoon are some of the happiest and healthiest in the world hence producing excpetional honey.



The Red Gum TA35+ (tested & certified), also known as Marri honey, is the Casanova of the Furious Bee range. Much like the 18th century charmer himself, the rich, wild, bold, and aromatic characters of taste will lure you, then seduce you to the point of no return.



  • 100% Pure West Australian Honey
  • Hand extracted
  • Limited small batch
  • Strained only once
  • Retains all the natural antioxidants, antibacterial properties and phytonutrients




Produced in the coastal town of Mandurah, Western Australia.


A high-quality cacao chocolate bar made with minimal and clean ingredients. The 40% cacao content indicates that it has a percentage of organic cacao solids, providing a rich and delicious chocolate flavor.


Roasting the cacao beans over a wood fire will impart a complex flavour to the chocolate. Small-batch production and thoughtful craftsmanship may also contribute to the chocolate's unique taste and texture.


Overall, this milk chocolate bar is a good choice for people who appreciate high-quality chocolate and want to avoid additives or artificial ingredients in their food. However, it's worth noting that chocolate, even high-quality dark chocolate, is still relatively high in calories and should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.


* if you would like 70% dark chocolate instead then let us know in checkout.

Honey & Chocolate

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