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Natural Movement

By Sharon Pegrum

Natural Movement is a term that is being thrown about everywhere at the moment. More and more people are cancelling their gym memberships and putting down their weights for a more holistic approach. The Natural Movement Centre [1] states that “Natural Movement is a study of practical, real-world movement. It is a rehabilitation, fitness, and lifestyle program grounded in the knowledge that healthy movement gets to the root of our problems.” Many Natural Movement experts focus on introducing practices into the lifestyle of people that move away from the structured, muscle isolating exercises that we have all experienced as part of a gym program. But there are many different ways to experience the benefits of Natural Movement. Nature/ Outdoors Based Class: the focus here is on using the natural environment. The bonus here is of course the connection to nature, in our technological age this is something we can always benefit from more of. Wild Movement Perth [2] provide these classes in Perth for both adults and children.

Gym Based Classes: if you prefer an indoor, more traditional gym experience this is for you. Across Perth there are plenty of fitness and physio businesses who are offering a more natural form of movement classes inside a gym environment like Ninja Academy [3]. At Home Practice: you don’t need to spend money and time on a gym. There is a vast range of information on natural movement exercises online, MovNat’s YouTube channel has a great range of exercises that you can start right now, follow the link below [4]. Yoga: a form of natural movement that has been around for a long time but many people see it as just “stretching”. Yoga focuses on taking the body back to how it should naturally move through postures. There are many forms of yoga and you can find classes that range from fast moving yang to slow yin practice all over Perth.

Pilates: a more structured form of movement, Pilates helps the body reverse some of those unhelpful postures we pick up in our lives sitting at desks and on couches. Pilates focuses on lengthening the body and aligning the spine. Everyday life: natural movement at its best is something that is incorporat Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. ed into your life all the time. When we think about all the time we spend in unnatural positions, it is obvious that to balance it out we need to make real life changes. The Blog from MovNat [5] has some great ideas from the experts. Natural Movement is something that can be incorporated into our daily lives with incredible benefits. The trick is finding the type that works best for you and can be sustainable in the long term but with all these choices there is something for everyone. [1] www.thenaturalmovementcentre. ca/natural-movement/

[2] www.wildmovement. com .au

[3] www.ninjaacademy. com. au

[4] www. youtube .com/channel/UChgSKQAuBPZIBAfokctA33g

[5] www.movnat .com/8-daily-habits-good-natural-movers/

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