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5 Ways to Reduce Stress In Your Life

By Sharon Pegrum

It’s no secret that our world is moving quickly, some days it seems like the hours are going faster every day. For many this can lead to increased stress and pressure especially in a world that glorifies busy and demands more.

We increasingly find ourselves searching for ways to reduce stress levels without creating additional obligations that just add to our workload. Of course, one of the best stress reliefs is regular visits to the float tank, but what else can you do every day to create a life that has more space and less stress?

There are many strategies you can use that will assist you to lower the stress in your life:

  1. EFT – emotional freedom technique also known as tapping is a great way to deal with stress in a short time, especially for those who suffer from anxiety. Tapping basically involves using verbal cues whilst tapping on various parts of the body to release emotions and stress. This technique works almost instantly and has increased effectiveness when practised on a regular basis. You can visit an EFT practitioner but you can also learn quite easily how to do the basics online, here is a great YouTube clip that will help.

  2. Stop multitasking – most of us know by now that multitasking is incredibly bad for productivity, even though it seems like the opposite would be the case. When we multitask we can’t ever focus solely on one thing and complete it to a high standard. Still, many of us attempt to multitask out of a desperate need to just get stuff done. Whenever and wherever possible try to do just one thing at one time. As well as reducing stress you may also find that this increases your productivity and output.

  3. Meditation – in particular breath meditation is very powerful for reducing stress right here and now. Whenever you are feeling stressed you can stop, remove yourself from the situation and slowly take five deep breaths. The important thing to note here is that you are purely focusing on your breath, a mantra of “I watch my breath come in, I watch my breath go out” can be particularly helpful here.

  4. Get moving – sometimes when your mind feels stagnant your body can also feel stagnant and a useful way to move past this is to put some movement into your day. Whether this is a relaxing walk, yoga session, or gentle exercise, your body will thank you and it may give your mind a chance to also unwind. Listen to your body with this, the goal is not to exhaust yourself or to lose weight, the goal is to just get some movement into your day. However if you already do a lot of exercise and you find exercising intensely helps then go for that.

  5. Get out in nature – whether it’s a walk in the bush or a visit to your local beach, think about the places that bring you joy and calm and schedule some time to get to these places more often. When we spend more time in nature we feel more grounded and relaxed and better able to cope with day-to-day stresses.

Each of these 5 strategies can be implemented daily and used alone or in combination. Committing time to reducing our stress levels is vital to not only our mental but physical health and can assist us to live a happier and healthier life.

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