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Looking for NeurOptimal® in Perth, Australia?

What is NeurOptimal® ?

It is a form of biofeedback that optimises the brain. It is a safe, seamless, non-invasive procedure that works to enhances the brains mental performance, and help you relax.

This is done by attaching sensors on the scalp that read the brains electrical activity. Feedback is delivered via audible cues, and the precise mirroring of information enables the brain to improve it's own function.

Why NeurOptimal® ?


Some brain training systems require real effort in concentration and interaction.

NeurOptimal® is music to the ears and doesn't require any conscious effort at all, so during a session, you can just sit back and relax!


Sustained improvements gained from NeurOptimal® has been demonstrated as you learn to function more effectively in your surroundings.


The better tuned your brain networks are, the more efficiently it works, getting more done with less energy used.


NeurOptimal® targets 20 different sets of frequencies across both hemispheres, each target naturally balances off the effects of others. 



Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you ever make. The surest way to enhance your quality of life and achieve success. It yields not only future returns but often immediate benefits as well.

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How does NeurOptimal®  work?

NeurOptimal® takes advantage of the brains incredible ability to change itself. The ability is known as “Neuroplasticity”. Which means the functional change of neural pathways; that allow the brain to acquire new habits and skills through learning.   

NeurOptimal® works by interpreting the brain’s electrical activity through sensors on the scalp, and signalling to the central nervous system about its own activity (The signals are comprised of precisely timed micro pauses during intervals of auditory information received via headphones.). The brain will then decide to adjust or reorganise itself based on the signals, and this happens 256 times per second.

Much like a mirror that promotes self-correction. NeurOptimal® is simply feeding back to the brain, information about itself. The same as your ears giving feedback to how you sound, or your eyes to how you appear. 

Our brains have a familiarizing response to this new information; that allows it to re-organize and adapt to function at it's best. Similar to how our bodies know what temperature to regulate itself at or how to heal a wound without any conscious thought or effort.

The brain can get information about itself through quiet awareness like meditation, but nothing is as fast or efficient as biofeedback for providing the brain this vital information.

Common results noticed after :

1-3 Sessions

Falling to sleep more easily

Clearer thoughts, less negativity

Relaxed and at ease after a session


4-15 sessions 

  ( clients begin to notice some improvements with )

Less brain fog, Mental tasks begin to be less effort

More confidence and feeling of comfort in environment

More productivity due to better focus and memory

Improved mood, better outlook of life


15+ sessions  

( Improvements begin to solidify )

Learning becomes easier. Performances improves noticeably

Physical health improves across a range of conditions

Development disorders improve

Less medication needed (advised by doctor)

Expanded awareness, take in more information from the world around and within us


How many sessions will I need?

Every brain is different.  The most remarkable results arise from commitment of 20+ sessions. Although many clients report subtle but noticeable positive life changes even within a few sessions . Your course is your choice , stop whenever you feel ready and if you want to return for booster sessions to tune up and strengthen what your brain has already learned ,that’s fine.



How often should I train?

You train at your own leisure, as the effects of training are cumulative. We do however recommend clients come in at least once a week, as the more often you train the quicker you see results.


While I train, is there anything I should be doing at home to make training go more smoothly?

Training effects will be their strongest when you take good care of yourself.  


If I stop coming, will my symptoms return?

Most likely no.  Though sometimes life may challenge you in the form of a concussion or several high-stress cases happening all at once (death in the family, divorce, etc). These events can impact the brain a little but a couple of “tune-up” sessions should have you on the right track again.



Is this safe?
There is no electricity going into your brain, it's simply just sensing and playing music back to your ears. 

The popularity of neurofeedback training is quickly increasing and entering into the mainstream arena because it is such a safe alternative to pharmaceutical interventions with remarkable results and no side effects.



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