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Counselling Support with Sonje Allegretta

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Sonje Allegretta, BA Counselling, (nd), Grad Dip, grief & loss, conflict resolution


Sonje has over 18years of counselling experience with individuals and families, working mainly in bereavement, mental health, and grief & loss.  Sonje specialises in Person Centred Therapy (PCT) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) as well as supporting modalities including mindfulness and meditation. Sonje’s therapeutic approach is based on supporting and empowering individuals to be the “BEST” version of themselves. Sonje also creates a warm and respectful, non- judgemental environment, so that clients can feel safe during counselling support sessions. Sonje believes that by increasing our own self awareness and understanding of self, we can then often promote a healthier, happier and calmer life with improved relationships with ourselves and others.

Sonje has also done over 50 sessions of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback here at Altered States Float and promotes the use of NeurOptimal coupled with Counselling Support.

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