FLOW Membership

Join our community & reap the rewards.


Huge $avings @ $59.00 per month

1 Session of Floating or Neurofeedback, or
2 Infrared Sauna sessions per month.

The choice is yours.


  • Unused sessions rollover & expire in 1 year*

  • $50 per additional Float or Neurofeedback sessions.

  • $25 Infrared Sauna Sessions.

  • Share with friends & family.

  • Join & make NeurOptimal a practice. 


* Once membership is cancelled, unused credits will be lost.

Remove the idea that you have to constantly work and grind to be successful & happy.

But rather realise that it's even more essential to effectively rest & relax.

Our memberships are designed for you to commit up to 90 minutes in a total sensory isolated environment; train your brain for optimal performance; or detox in a sauna twice every month.

So that you are consistently practising rest, recovery & reflection. Essential parts towards living a successful & balanced lifestyle.